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Skin Conditions


Whether you are dealing with acne that you just cant seem to get rid of, or are going nuts scratching from eczema or psoriasis, there are a several naturopathic care could help you. Identifying the underlying cause of your skin condition is the first step to finding the solution that is right for you - whether it is an environmental trigger, stress, an autoimmune reaction or a food sensitivity that is making it worse. Have a look at some of the treatment options I consider to help patients improve!

Herbal Medicine

Herbs can be used to help combat inflammation and itching topically, and can be antimicrobial in conditions like acne. Certain plants help promote healing and prevent scarring, while others can help balance hormonal levels that could be causing the concern. Care is taken to avoid any interactions with medications, and herbs can be recommended in the form of teas, capsules, tablets or a liquid extract called a tincture depending on the concern and patient. 

Dietary Counselling

Diet can affect skin conditions in several ways. First and foremost, something that a patient is eating could be aggravating their condition by triggering inflammation, whether it is acne or eczema. Dietary changes can also be used to create an anti-inflammatory effect in the body which can help improve symptoms. Certain diets may be recommended when appropriate, and food sensitivity testing (IgG testing) is available if desired. 

Lifestyle Counselling

Assessing a patient's environment and daily exposure to certain compounds can often give clues as to why a condition has arisen or what could be triggering symptoms. Mental/emotional triggers for certain conditions are also discussed such as chronic stress, and a multifaceted approach may be needed to get results depending on the contributing factors. 


Acupuncture is a tool that is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat many concerns, including skin conditions. Treatments involve the shallow insertion of thin needles into certain points on the body that will help to clear heat and decrease inflammation from a TCM perspective. In the case of acne or stress related conditions, points will be put in to help move liver qi (pronounced chee), stagnation of which is one cause of acne and is often due to stress. Sessions are largely free of discomfort, and the patient is left to relax for about 15 minutes during the treatment. 


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