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Fee Schedule
Effective Jan 1, 2023

Initial Visit (1.5 hours): $225.00


We spend this visit discussing everything to do with your health concerns, medical history, nutritional intake, stress levels, digestive health and more. We review any medications and supplements you are taking, making sure that there are no interactions and that any supplements being used are benefiting your health. Any questions can be answered about nutrition trends and impact on health, and testing options can be discussed when appropriate. Patients come away from the initial visit with a comprehensive treatment plan to start. 

Follow-up 1 hour: $200.00

A visit this length is appropriate for a patient who has several new concerns to discuss, has not been in for 1 year or more, or would like 30 mins to talk in addition to an acupuncture treatment. 

Follow-up 45 min: $150.00

45 min follow-up - may be booked as a second visit or if a patient has not been seen in the last 6 months. This length of appointment can also be booked to allow for extended discussion with the option of acupuncture treatment (if indicated).

Follow-up 30 min: $100.00

30 min follow-up - option for a standard follow-up, or an acupuncture treatment (if indicated).

Follow-up 15 min: $60.00

15 min follow-up - may be booked if patient has been seen recently (in the last 3 months) and is returning for a review of bloodwork results, or if an acute concern arises such as a cold, ear infection, rash, exc. This length of treatment cannot be booked for acupuncture. 

Phone/Email Consult 15 mins: $40

Email or phone communication that requires more than 15 mins to address. Brief follow-up questions about treatments recommended in recent visits will not be charged.  

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