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What Is A Naturopathic Doctor?

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am a full-time health detective. I work to uncover the root cause of your concerns and spend countless hours finding the best evidence based natural remedies for you. You can expect me to treat you as an individual, listen to your whole story and take everything to do with your health into consideration.
A big part of my practice is listening, coaching and motivating patients to achieve their health goals. I work with nutritional counselling and have found a passion in helping patients improve their health through their everyday nutritional choices. Educating and empowering patients like you to maintain health and well-being through simple everyday solutions is a goal I have for every patient I see. 
What Happens In A Visit?
The initial visit in my office is 1.5h long, and patients are often shocked at how easy it is to fill this time with the amount of detail we go into about health. We will discuss all of your goals, concerns and the issues that have brought you in. The 'one concern per visit' rule NEVER applies. And some of you may simply want to talk about prevention of a disease like diabetes or breast cancer, or discuss the lifestyle choices and diets you have read about and if they are right for you - which is great! This comprehensive assessment also includes a review of your supplement use, health history, nutrition and exercise, sleep patterns, stress levels, emotional health and energy levels. Every patient leaves their initial visit with a good treatment plan to start, and follow-up visits (usually 30 or 45 mins) are booked to adjust your treatment plan as necessary according to your feedback. I always want to make sure what I recommend is working for you. 
Follow-up visits are also used to provide accountability to help you stick to the changes that will get you to your goals!


Want to know more about my training?


Canadian Naturopathic Doctors are educated in biomedical and clinical sciences, in addition to naturopathic modalities including botanical medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, physical medicine, hydrotherapy and counselling. Accredited training programs in Canada offer a 4 year graduate degree, including a minimum 1200 hours of clinical training and 3000 hours of classroom training. Naturopathic Doctors must pass 2 sets of board exams to be eligible for licensure, which assess knowledge in the basic and clinical sciences. Naturopathic Medicine is regulated in many states and provinces, including Ontario.


"Unless Someone Like YOU Cares A Whole Awful Lot... 


Nothing Is Going To Get Better. 

Its Not."


- Dr. Seuss 

Clinic Location:


Hamilton Health & Wellness Centre

865 Upper James St., Hamilton


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