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Speaking Events & Corporate Wellness

Dr. Penney is available to book for speaking engagements at your organization or company in Hamilton and surrounding area! Many employers offer educational sessions as a benefit to their employees while promoting overall workplace health. Simply contact her at 905-389-3395 or for more information.


Some popular topics include, but are not limited to:

  •   Stress Management - Naturopathic Strategies for Alleviating Stress (Perfect for the workplace!)
  •   Stress and Your Child - How to Recognize and Manage Stress in Children
  •   Shop Smart - Learn How to Read and Interpret Food Labels, and find out more about organic and genetically modified foods.​
  •   Battling Insomnia - Naturopathic Considerations for a Good Night of Sleep
  •   Understanding Health - The Most Important Steps to Wellness and the Science Behind Them
  •   Understanding the Concept of 'Detoxification' and Natural Approaches to Detoxifying your Life

Sarah additionally works with a company called Well Street Health to deliver wellness programs customized to staff at your workplace.

Visit, or contact Sarah at for more information.

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